The Accounts for the Year Ended 31st December 2016

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7th July 2016 - North Aisle Roof Repairs

We are delighted to have news that we have been given a grant of £79,900 from the Listed Places of Worship Roof Fund to recover the North Aisle Roof. Looking forward to no more buckets!

Roof Repairs

Scaffolding has gone up on the south side of the church tower to allow access for urgent repairs. A section of the roof on the south aisle is being replaced along with spot repairs on the opposite side. When it rains we have to put out buckets, so this work needs to take place now

There are also repairs to high level windows in the tower, repointing work and netting is being installed to deter pigeons.

The work needs to be take place now so that it is completed before winter. It will last into late October.

There are also some repairs taking place inside the church - repairing plaster and paint damaged by rain water coming in, floor repairs and some redecorations. 

We delayed it all by a week so that the scaffolding did not detract from the projections on the church as part of the Arts Festival, but the city centre is so busy that it is impossible to avoid some events. The scaffolding took a week to construct, so it is not possible ot take it down for any particular weekend during the works.

The work is costing £40,000. If you would like to make a donation towards it, and help keep this iconic building looking as good as it does in the city centre, we will be grateful for whatever you can afford. No donation is too small (or too big!).

We apologise for any inconvenience during the works. We are aiming to minimise the disuption.


New Altar Frontal


On Sunday 13th September 2015 a new altar frontal for the Lady Chapel will be dedicated during the 11.00am Parish Eucharist. It has been commissioned from the church textile artist Juliet Hemingray, who made the cope worn by Archbishop Justin Welby at his enthronement in Canterbury Cathedral in 2013.

The frontal incoporates designs from around the chapel.

The cross is based on those carved into the surface of the altar table - not visible under the cloths. It also reflects the daisies in the window, the signs of life springing into being with the resurrection, depicted in the window.

The frontal is in memory of Betty Barsby, who died in 2013. She looked after this chapel for many years, a task now undertaken by her daughter and churchwarden Judy.